Finding the Perfect Gay Friendly Wedding Planner

Oct 26, 2023
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Finding the Perfect Gay Friendly Wedding Planner

Planning a same-sex wedding comes with its own unique needs and considerations. Having a gay friendly wedding planner who understands these needs can make the planning process go much smoother. Here are some tips for finding the perfect LGBTQ+ affirming wedding planner for your big day:

Look for planners who advertise that they specialize in same-sex weddings. Many planners today promote their services for LGBTQ+ couples, so do some searches for "gay wedding planner [your city]" and see what comes up.

Check review sites like WeddingWire and The Knot to read reviews from other same-sex couples about their experience with different planners. Look for planners who have a proven track record of positive reviews from same-sex couples.

Ask for referrals from other same-sex couples who have gotten married in your area. Talk to friends, family members, coworkers etc. to get recommendations on planners they may have worked with.

Interview potential planners about their experience with same-sex weddings. Ask how many they have planned, what specific services they offer for same-sex couples, if they have LGBTQ+ inclusive vendor recommendations, etc. Make sure they understand your particular needs.

Look for certifications like those from the Certified LGBTQ+ Wedding Professionals organization. This indicates they have received LGBTQ+ specific training.

Discuss symbolism and traditions that are important to you as a same-sex couple. Find a planner who can incorporate meaningful elements like LGBTQ+ unity rituals into your ceremony.

Make sure the planner is respectful of your guest list and understands diverse family dynamics. Same-sex couples often integrate their own chosen family members.

Trust your gut feeling after interviewing potential planners. Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, understood and can help craft the personalized wedding you envision.

With the right pro by your side, planning a beautiful same-sex wedding can be a breeze. Take the time to find an experienced gay friendly wedding planner who can bring your unique vision to life. With creativity and open communication, your perfect LGBTQ+ affirming wedding is within reach!