My Journey with Online Side-Hustles

Jun 27, 2023
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My Journey with Online Side-Hustles and Affiliate Marketing
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Hi I’m Ryan, thanks for checking out Rich Gay Poor Gay

You might be wondering about the title of the blog, and it’s actually inspired by a book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, that became very popular when it came out in 1997. This book by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter focuses on the importance of financial literacy from an early age. Throughout the book, the author explains how a person can increase their wealth by investing in assets and by being smart with money. It was a New York Times Bestseller and has since sold over 32 million copies. 

There are some key lessons from the book that we can all use.

1. Change Your Thoughts:

By changing from a ‘can’t do’ to a ‘can do’ attitude you will have a much healthier attitude.

2. Take Risk and Gain Experience To Become Smart:

Taking calculated risks will help you to build wealth and make you smarter with each experience.

3. Gain Financial Knowledge:

Learn how to create wealth to attain financial independence.

4. Stay Focused:

Focus on opportunities or invest in businesses to build more assets and generate a strong flow of income.

5. Pay Taxes like a Business:

Invest in a direct plan while investing in mutual funds as they have a lower expense ratio that can help you grow more wealth and reduce your tax outgo just like corporates.

6. Invent Money:

Familiarize yourself with the different forms of investment avenues, strategies, and opt opt for independent research services to make better decisions.

7. Work to Acquire Life Skills, Not for Money:

Acquiring life skills can help you seek meaningful information from your investment adviser.

8: Control your Emotions:

Learn to channel your emotions and achieve balance and remain focused on accomplishing your financial goals.

While this book is older, it has been revised many times and still have some great principals for anyone who is beginning to decipher their personal finances and set themselves and their family up for success.

One of the biggest focuses of the book is to surround yourself with folks who are smarter than you and that you become what you study. Education is so important.

I chat a lot about Affiliate Marketing and the Amazon Influencer Program on this Blog. I’ve taken a lot of different courses online and will continue to learn, learn, learn. I’m only recommending a few courses at the moment, because they are the best one’s I have taken. Like Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches, the instructors who have written these courses are at the top of their game. They are gracious enough to share that knowledge, and they also deserve to be paid for the hard work they put into creating their courses and building their support communities online. I’ve taken some really crummy courses too… I don’t like to put anyone down… but maybe that’s a blog post for another time.

Ryan, are you Rich or Poor?

Well, I’m somewhere in between right now. I live very comfortably. I have a full-time job that I love and I’m a home owner. I can afford occasional trips, entertainment, and a night out. But for the larger chunk of my life, before now, I struggled a lot. I was a musical theatre performer, hopping from job to job. I panicked when there was a dry spell and I had no work. I was on unemployment more times than a person can imagine. 

My current job is a blessing. It pays well, and I don’t have a sense of dread when it’s time to pay the bills every month. But my mindset is still living in the world where nothing lasts forever and things can change in an instant. Have you ever had to fire an employee before? Well I have, and it’s devastating. The industry I’m in right now, has a very uncertain future. Having additional income streams gives me a huge sense of security.

Online side-hustles are not the only way I make money. I freelance as a videographer and I do some consulting work for a few different arts organizations. But there is something very special about these ways to make money online. It sparks an interest in me! I love technology and I’m really good at creating content. Videos, blogs, tik toks, pinterest pins- this is a world I thrive in. I’m also a ham- I might not be the most handsome guy online, but the internet is a place where your unique qualities are rewarded. 

Affiliate Marketing, and any opportunity online where you choose to show your face, is a chance to help someone. When you approach your business with the goal of just helping or teaching your audience, you will feel good about the business you are running and you will build genuine relationships with your customers. 

As an out gay man I also believe very strongly that representation matters more than ever and it is important to continue to gain visibility in what we do. I belong to a lot of marketing groups on Facebook and the amount of gay representation is see is very low. One of my goals here is just to present this opportunities to all my gays out there, because it’s working for me, and it doesn’t make sense for an opportunity like this to just be ignored by an entire demographic. My mind is still boggled that more LGBT folks aren’t pursuing these revenue streams. If you are out there, please introduce yourself! I’m on all the socials, you can’t miss me.

Ultimately, I am NOT a richie-rich coins-for-eyes guru. I’m someone who delights in sharing my journey to help others and will continue to compile resources along the way. I hope you will benefit from this blog. I can’t be your rich gay Zaddy, but I can try. There is no journey we can predict in life, maybe this new opportunity to learn about a different kind of revenue stream is for you. Stick around, visit again soon, and l will continue to be here to champion you on. 

Lots of Love,