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Jul 05, 2023
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Have you been curious:

Can text message marketing work with affiliate marketing?

Will SMS Marketing help my business or non-profit organization?

Hello folks,

After I was intrigued by the capabilities of Text Message Marketing, aka SMS Marketing, I immediately put it to work for both my Affiliate Marketing Side Hustles AND the Non-Profit I work for. Huge successes all around on both ends, which I will go into more detail about below. But I started asking myself- are these successes based on the technology itself or is it the way I'm utilizing it? Honestly, I think it's a combination. Early on, I dove through my phone and compiled a list of the most popular calls to action I saw in SMS marketing. I use these as inspiration whenever I'm struggling to come up with an idea or a hook. I also went ahead and tried out multiple online services that specialize in SMS Campaigns. My favorite is SlickText. The platform is so easy to navigate and beyond traditional messaging they offer lots of great ways to increase engagement, like sending SMS Quizzes and Polls. You can also send images and GIFs. If you want to try it out you can use my promo code: STR1761 for 15% off your first month.

But first, some humble brags on how SMS Marketing is working for me.


One of the affiliate programs I work with honestly does pretty good on its own. It's for a very popular online graphic design software that is very user friendly. Instead of using the traditional funnel system to collect an email address, I used SlickText to capture a phone number instead. The collection was to receive a discount code for 15% off. That offer was enticing enough that people would actually submit their phone numbers to me.

The fun part of this SMS campaign is that I would send GIFS and images that were made using the graphic design program I was promoting. Folks would see the fun and creative images right away because text messages have a much higher open rate than emails. The affiliate sales I've made through this technique have been 54% greater than my traditional affiliate marketing funnels.


The other scenario where I have used this is for the local non-profit I work for. Our main goal was engagement with our audience of supporters and fans. Most of our leads were gathered in-person at events. We purchased a beautiful sign with the number and keyword people could text to receive more information. It worked like a charm. Where we had struggled so hard to build an email list, we could now reach thousands of folks who WANTED to hear from us too. Through SMS we share blog posts, videos, and information about upcoming events and registrations. Engagement from these texts is better than our email list or social media traffic ever was AND it reached our audience almost immediately.

After my personal successes with SMS Campaigns, I am now freelancing with a few other businesses in my area to integrate text messaging into their marketing efforts. I will be reporting back with updates as we work towards new engagement and sales!

Anyway, back to basics.

Here is the list of those Most Popular Text Message Marketing Templates to give you some inspiration

  • Flash Sale Alert: "Don't miss out on our exclusive flash sale! Get 20% off all products for the next 24 hours. Use code FLASH20 at checkout. Happy shopping! #FlashSale #LimitedTimeOffer"

  • New Product Sneak Peek: "Hey there! We're excited to introduce our latest product. Get a sneak peek and be the first to order. Check out our website for more details. #NewProduct #BeTheFirst"

  • VIP Discount: "You're a valued customer, and we want to show our appreciation! Enjoy an extra 15% off your next purchase with code VIP15. Thank you for your continued support. #VIPDiscount #ExclusiveOffer"

  • Referral Program: "Refer a friend and both of you can enjoy rewards! Share the love and get 10% off your next order when your friend makes a purchase. Start referring today! #ReferAFriend #Rewards"

  • Birthday Surprise: "Happy Birthday! 🎉 As a special gift, we're offering you 25% off your birthday order. Treat yourself and enjoy your day! Use code BDAY25 at checkout. #HappyBirthday #BirthdayDiscount"

  • Limited Stock Alert: "Hurry! Limited stock available of our popular item. Don't miss out on owning this must-have product. Shop now before it's gone! #LimitedStock #ShopNow"

  • Exclusive Pre-Sale Access: "You're invited to our exclusive pre-sale event! Be the first to shop our new collection before it launches to the public. Get early access now. #PreSale #ExclusiveAccess"

  • Seasonal Promotion: "Celebrate the season with our special offer! Enjoy 30% off select items for a limited time. Spread the joy and share this discount with your loved ones. #SeasonalPromotion #LimitedTime"

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder: "Oops! It looks like you forgot something in your cart. Complete your purchase now and enjoy free shipping on us. Shop smart and save today! #AbandonedCart #FreeShipping"

  • Customer Appreciation: "We appreciate you, our amazing customers! As a token of our gratitude, here's a special 10% off coupon just for you. Use code THANKYOU10 at checkout. Enjoy! #CustomerAppreciation #ThankYou"

Remember to personalize these ideas based on your specific business and target audience. Use catchy language, clear calls to action, and relevant hashtags to maximize engagement and drive conversions.

Like I mentioned earlier, my favorite text message service is called SlickText. They have wonderful, and fast, customer service and they have already thought of all of the forms and legalese of messaging folks so that you don't have to. Good luck on of you marketing endeavors!

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase.