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The Artistic Entrepreneur: Tapping into Creative Streams of Income

Hey there, it's Ryan, and welcome to my ongoing series on the Artistic Entrepreneur. If you're a creative soul like me, an actor, singer, filmmaker, or comedian, then this is the place for you. Join me as I share advice, stories, and tools on how you can use your craft to support yourself. In this article, I'll be discussing some of the ways I've been generating extra income to fund my voice lessons and trips to the theatre. I've also invited friends and colleagues who have successfully built parallel professions or side-hustles that make use of their artistic skills. Let's dive in!

Interview Insights:

  1. Embracing Non-Traditional Paths: We often associate a college degree or a BFA program as the common path to becoming a professional performer. However, there are alternative routes that talented individuals have taken to achieve their dreams. Our interviewees will shed light on their unique journeys.

  2. Balancing Training and Costs: Training and honing our craft is a lifelong pursuit. It's important to acknowledge the financial commitment associated with it. We'll explore how our interviewees have prepared for the ongoing costs of training and investing in their careers.

  3. Parallel Professions: One of the key aspects we'll be highlighting is the parallel professions our guests have developed. These careers, side-hustles, and income streams directly utilize the skills, talents, and knowledge acquired through their performance training. We'll discover how they've leveraged their expertise in different fields.

  4. Mentoring and Growth: Our guests have achieved remarkable milestones in their respective fields. We'll discuss how mentorship, regardless of where you are on the expertise scale, can be rewarding and contribute to personal and professional growth.

  5. Flexibility and Freedom: The ability to manage schedules and prioritize auditions, classes, and performance gigs is crucial in the entertainment industry. We'll explore how our interviewees have found flexibility in their parallel careers, allowing them to pursue their artistic ambitions while maintaining financial stability.

  6. Supporting the Pursuit: Our guests have found ways to align their parallel professions with their ongoing pursuit of their performance careers, both artistically and financially. We'll delve into how these alternative streams of income contribute to their artistic development and provide the means to continue their creative journey.

Personal Insights:

As for me, I've discovered two side hustles that have helped me fund my artistic pursuits. Firstly, I started a video production business, creating reels for musical theatre performers and media packages for local theatre companies. I film their shows for streaming or archival purposes and produce promotional videos. Throughout the series, I'm not shy in detailing how much money I've been able to make doing this type of work.

Additionally, I live out my QVC/Home Shopping Network fantasy by creating video reviews for Amazon products. Using my acting and improv skills, I play the part of an influencer, sharing my honest opinions on various products. These reviews generate around $150 per week, which goes straight toward paying for my voice lessons.

Learn more about The Simple Profit System Training I took to learn this new technique here


Being an artistic entrepreneur means thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to support yourself while pursuing your passion. Through this ongoing series, we hope to inspire fellow creatives to explore alternative income streams and discover their own parallel professions. Through leveraging our artistic skills and embracing flexibility, we can achieve financial stability without compromising our artistic ambitions. Join us on this exciting journey of artistic entrepreneurship!

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